Orda Industries - Family Sudoku


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Meet the Sudoku Family and their pets in this logical challenge with two game options. Play on the 4 x 4 board and meet the Sudku family. Play on the 6 x 6 board and see how the family pets join the family for even more fun! The aim is to help the family find their places on the board according to the rules of Sudoku - in rows and columns. Contents: •1 plastic frame (26cm x 26cm) with removable plastic cover •22 Sudoku puzzles on 11 double-sided grids (24cm x 24cm) •1 double-sided game grid (24cm x 24cm) •52 character cards - 16 cards (5cm x 5cm), 36 cards (3.4cm x 3.4cm) •20 plastic disks •22 puzzle solutions on 11 double-sided sheets •Detailed, illustrated instructions - including a sheet of explanations and tips for solving the puzzles. Recommended age : 4-9 years

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